I'm neither a Designer, nor a Developer. I'm an Entrepreneur and a Dreamer, I love building stuff and hacking things with PCs.I work for My Company as C.T.O.. We have got some awesome Services that you should try it out. I've also a Laboratory where you can find my projects and also a Blog.

About Me

I am part of the ‘90s generation and I grew up with the episodes of "Fresh Prince of Belair" and the Commodore 64. Understanding how stuff works is a passion that I showed since the age of 5, in fact I tried to assemble and disassemble both “Commodore” and “Amiga” with very positive results, but with a lot of anger as well. It was caused by the fact that the more parts I discovered, the more I could not understand how they worked. When I grew up, lots of things became clearer and the field of computer science became my main passion. I started to get closer to the art of programming relatively late, around 16 years old, before, I dabbled only in programming micro C softwares on consoles, nothing important. The "hard" programming began exactly when I was 16. After that, I took a diploma in computer science in Italy then I started to study computer engineering in Switzerland at  SUPSI where I learnt a lot of basic essential techniques for a good engineer. I'm deeply proud of my work and I strongly believe in continuous formation because technology never stops and I will not ever let it go too far from my passion.

About My Work

As you have probably figured out, I mainly work as a software engineer, in particular I am responsible for the development of the services that are provided by my company. For more information about what I'm doing with this company, please visit the official site. I've never had programming preferences, however I chose to focus on web programming with any language, platform, operating system, and design patterns, even though i prefer Agile development. In addition, I can program in PHP like in Ruby or JavaScript on Apache servers, Node, or Ngnix. I am very active in the Open Source world, you can find me on Github, Stackoverflow and Coderbits. I love to contribute to open source projects, I'm currently engaged in the development of the Laravel 4 framework even with a dedicated standalone CMS: Arcadia-CMS. Despite I have a permanent place at 6GO, I am always currently available for any external consulting and partnership in open source projects and startup incubation.

Contact Me

In 2013 the means of communication are almost infinite! Anyway you can contact me via:

Any kind of private contacts as Emails or Phones are ... Private. Don't ask for them the first time, I need to know who are you